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Beach Resorts Verkoop
Buying a holiday home in Makkum

Buy recreation home Makkum

  • Holiday apartments for sale in Makkum
  • Located right next to the beach
  • Unique resort on the IJsselmeer

Recreation homes for sale in Makkum

In Makkum, in a unique location right next to the beach and the IJsselmeer, luxurious holiday apartments are being developed. So you'll find a recreation home for sale in Makkum at Beach Resorts Makkum. The newly built apartments are equipped with all luxurious conveniences, offer plenty of space, and mostly have a great view over the water. There really is no better place for a private recreation home than Beach Resorts Makkum. Buying is possible as investment by letting the apartment, but there also are private use options. Choose the purpose for buying a recreation home in Makkum yourself.

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Investing in a holiday home in Makkum

The real holiday feeling, that's what you'll experience when you wake up in the accommodation overlooking the water of the IJsselmeer. Investing in a holiday home at Beach Resorts Makkum can be done in several ways. Pick personal use if you wish to enjoy yourself in this wonderful place as often as possible. Would you like to enjoy it yourself, and receive a return? A combination between personal use and rental is the right choice. For maximum return, it is possible to make the apartment or villa 100% available for rental. The rental, both full and partial, is taken care of by a professional rental agency, so you don't have to worry about it.


Buying at Beach Resorts Makkum

Not only the luxury holiday apartments and holiday villas are part of Beach Resorts Makkum. The apartment complex also features various hotel rooms and luxurious hotel facilities. These facilities, such as a restaurant and room service, are also free to use as an accommodation owner. In addition, buying a holiday home in Makkum is also a sustainable investment. The apartments are off the gas grid, equipped with a heat pump, and have excellent isolation. The holiday villas also have their own jetty. That's what we call carefree enjoyment! And even if you decide to rent out the apartment or the holiday villa, this will be fully taken care of and you will receive an interesting return.

Has your interest in a luxury holiday home in Makkum been piqued? Contact us, with no obligation, or request the brochure through the button below. We'd love to provide you with more information!

Reasons to choose Beach Resorts Makkum

  • Unique waterside location in Friesland
  • For private use, letting, or a combination of both
  • Ideal home base for the Wad, IJsselmeer, or the Friese Meren
  • Fully sustainably developed apartments


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