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A carefree investment at Beach Resorts 

Have you bought a luxury villa or apartment at Beach Resorts? In that case, you certainly do not have to worry about renting out your second home, because the rental process is fully taken care of by the professional rental organization of Beach Resorts. The occupancy rate is continuously maximized, ensuring you will receive the highest possible return. We use the independent reservation system of Booking Experts. So renting out without worry is done at Beach Resorts!


The advantages of our professional rental organization ⤵

✦ We work together with various tour operators

With us, you are not dependent on one organization. A big advantage, we think. We work together with several renowned tour operators. This way you will not be bothered by strong price fluctuations due to promotions from an umbrella organization. All tour operators are also linked to Beach Resorts in real-time, so they always have the most up-to-date information, photos and prices. 

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✦ Online marketing is completely taken care of

The online marketing agency Booking Boosters ensures that as many bookings as possible come in through Beach Resorts' own rental website. For years, Booking Boosters has specialized in boosting bookings through online marketing for small and large companies in the leisure industry. Moreover, Booking Boosters has a unique performance-based approach. Through benchmark dashboards, campaigns are driven based on actual search and booking behavior. 

Website & Search Engine - Booking Boosters ensures a user-friendly website and the highest possible positions in search engines.

Social Media Ads - Using good images, Booking Boosters advertises on Facebook as well as Instagram, ensuring great reach!

Google Ads - Your accommodation is always visible in Google with ads on targeted search terms. 

Affiliate Marketing - Your second home will be even more visible to interesting parties who can in turn promote Beach Resorts. 



✦ You always have control over your villa or apartment

Are you the owner of a Beach Resorts villa or apartment? If so, you will receive a personal account that you can use to log into the Booking Experts system at any time. All communication goes through one platform. This way you always have insight into the reservations, invoices and reviews!

It is easy to communicate with our rental organization via the message system. Are you thinking about using your holiday villa or apartment at Beach Resorts yourself? If that's the case, you can indicate this quickly and easily online in your personal account. 

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✦ Automated billing and maintenance provided

Our professional rental organization stands for convenience. Renting out your villa or apartment shouldn't be difficult. That's why we take care of everything, allowing you to enjoy your investment without worry. You always receive your revenues on time with automated rental settlements. The rent is paid to you quarterly. In addition, Beach Resorts also takes care of the maintenance and technical management of the park and your home. This way tenants can enjoy a carefree stay in your villa or apartment. 


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Investing without worry and always in control

Thanks to the combination of our professional rental organization, the independent reservation system of Booking Experts and the online marketing by Booking Boosters, buying an apartment or villa is a carefree investment

Investing at Beach Resorts:

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