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Beach Resorts Verkoop
About Beach Resorts

About Beach Resorts

  • Decades of experience
  • High quality and luxury hotels, apartments and villas
  • Wetland vacation parks in prime locations

Who is Beach Resorts?

Beach Resorts is a holiday group of companies and a holiday resort developer with decades of experience in the field of leisure. At Beach Resorts, a wealth of knowledge is available in which the operation of holiday parks and the development of holiday resorts are focused on unique features where water (sports), beach, quality, sustainability and the feeling of actually getting away from it all together, with family or friends, are key.

'Only tell your family and best friends'


We are Beach Resorts! Discover our locations:


What makes Beach Resorts unique?

    Top waterfront locations

    Our vacation parks are in prime waterfront locations with numerous water sports options and many facilities that let you relax and enjoy yourself.

    High quality

    Beach Resorts provides high-quality and luxurious villas, apartments, and recreational homes nationwide at affordable prices.

    Many years of experience

    With over 25 years of experience, we are a transparent provider with thousands of reviews from people who have come before you.


The mission of Beach Resorts

At Beach Resorts, we do everything in detail to contribute to the creation of valuable memories in a unique environment where guests and co-owners of our luxury apartments, holiday homes and unique villas feel like they have been away for a while. At the center of this is a unique experience in our own country that focuses on quality enjoyment in a casual atmosphere and always at affordable prices. At our resorts, the experience is so beautiful that you should really only tell your family and best friends. Beach Resorts is a secret getaway in our own country.


More about our organization

After the realization of the resort, the stone and traditionally high-quality and sustainably built apartments, penthouses, holiday homes and villas are partially offered for sale. Owners can use them both for their personal use and for full or partial rental to create returns. In addition to being able to enjoy this valuable investment yourself as an owner, you also have the opportunity to generate a return through our professional rental organization. We stand for our product and the brand Beach Resorts and, based on history and 25 years of experience, we can even give you a guaranteed return if you make the property available to our professional rental organization. 


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Professional rental organization

Have you bought a luxury villa or apartment at Beach Resorts? If so, you certainly do not have to worry about the rental of your second home, because the rental is completely taken care of by the professional rental organization of Beach Resorts.

Invest in holiday home

The resorts of Beach Resorts Vastgoed offer you the perfect opportunity to invest in a luxury holiday home. You can invest in a luxury apartment or a modern villa in a unique location in the Netherlands.