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Beach Resorts Verkoop
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Returns on a holiday accommodation

  • Modern apartments, luxury villas and holiday homes
  • Multi-year guaranteed yield
  • Stable value investment

Return on a holiday home in Friesland

Looking for an investment where you get a nice return on a holiday home? Look no further, because at Beach Resorts Makkum you can invest in beautiful apartments and villas by the IJsselmeer. Partially because of our special location, we have already been offering an investment with stable value and nice return for 25 years.   You can rent out our accommodations for a guaranteed return. In addition, you may also use the home yourself, as second home. The homes all have a beautiful view of the IJsselmeer and can accommodate up to 12 people. Are you getting excited about our holiday homes with a return?

Discover the offer

Return on a holiday home

If you want a return on a holiday home, you invest at Beach Resorts Makkum. At our Beach Resorts Makkum, we have several luxuriously furnished apartments for sale that all have a beautiful view of the IJsselmeer. If you buy a holiday home, you'll enjoy the comfort of your private apartment and the luxury of a hotel. You or your rental guests will enjoy things like room service and a breakfast service. The apartments are all built sustainably, so in addition to getting a return on a holiday home, it is also a sustainable investment. We offer holiday homes for sale for up to 12 people.

    Luxurious accommodations

    Our apartments, villas and holiday homes can accommodate up to 12 persons. They are all modernly furnished and equipped with every comfort.

    Unique location

    Our resorts are situated at special locations in Friesland and North Holland. Both are located right at the water. Ideal for a beach or fishing holiday.

    Professional rental organization

    Partly thanks to the special location of our resorts, they have been generating returns for more than 25 years. When you decide to rent out your home, everything will be completely taken care of for you.


Rent out a holiday home with a return at Beach Resorts Makkum

If you opt for a holiday home on which you get a return, Beach Resorts Makkum is the right place for you. Our park in Friesland is less than an hour's drive from the Randstad and is ideal for water sports enthusiasts. If you buy a holiday home from us, you can choose to rent it out, but you can also choose to use it yourself. Whatever you choose, our professional rental partner is always ready for you. Our resort is in a unique location on the IJsselmeer and has a direct connection to open water. Besides that, our resort has a private boulevard and beach, where you and your guests can fully enjoy themselves. Curious about the options of renting out a holiday home with a return? Contact us.


This is what people asked us ⤵

What is the return at Beach Resorts?

This depends on various factors, including the price of the apartment, villa or holiday home and how many weeks per year you make the accommodation available for letting.

How many months per year can I live in the holiday home?

This depends on your own choice. At Beach Resorts Vastgoed, it is possible to use the holiday home yourself fully, to rent it out completely or to opt for a combination of both. The letting of your home is completely taken care of by Beach Resort's professional organization.