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Beach Resorts Verkoop
holiday apartment by the water

Buying a holiday apartment by the water

  • Luxurious and modern apartments
  • Beautiful location at the water
  • Plenty of water sports options

Investing in a luxurious apartment

Are you looking for an investment that will retain its value in a recreational apartment in the Netherlands? Then the luxurious apartments of Beach Resorts Vastgoed are an ideal choice. We offer modern apartments in a unique location by the water. Beach Resorts Makkum is located on the IJsselmeer in Friesland. You can rent out your property, use it yourself or opt for a combination of both. If you choose to rent it out, our professional rental organization will take care of everything for you. You will also receive a guaranteed and interesting return! 

The apartments at Beach Resort Makkum:

Your investment in a recreational apartment

At Beach Resorts Vastgoed we have beautiful recreational apartments for sale in Netherlands , for personal use, to rent out, or a combination. These apartments offer stunning views over the water of the IJsselmeer. You can choose to buy a recreational apartment with private wellness facilities such as a sauna or a whirlpool. Also, some of our apartments are pet friendly. You can have a great time in your apartment yourself, but you can also rent it out and benefit from an interesting return. If you choose to rent out your apartment, the maintenance will be fully taken care of by our professional rental organization. Now that's investing without worries! 



  • Unique location at the water
  • For private use or renting out
  • Options for wellness
  • Pet–friendly or pet–free
  • Guaranteed return

Discover the surroundings of your apartment

Our beautiful resort is the ideal place when you want to buy a holiday apartment in the Netherlands in a unique location. Beach Resorts Makkum is located on the beach of the IJsselmeer, you will be standing in the water right from your apartment. From your apartment, you have a beautiful view of this beautiful recreational area. Its direct location on the water makes our resort a perfect base for a water sports holiday. Surfing, sailing or boating; the possibilities are endless! A wonderful holiday is therefore guaranteed all year round, for you or your tenants.  Buying a holiday apartment is a wise choice that will benefit you greatly.


This is where you can find Beach Resort Makkum:


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❓ Questions we are frequently asked:

Can I invest in real estate and make a reasonable return?

At Beach Resorts Vastgoed, you can invest in real estate with an interesting return. Partly because of the unique location, we offer an investment that will retain its value which will earn you a nice return. Everything will be completely taken care of by our professional rental organization when renting out your apartment. 

Can I also use my holiday apartment?

When you invest in a holiday apartment at Beach Resorts Vastgoed, you can rent it out, but you can also use your apartment yourself or opt for a combination of both possibilities. So you can also enjoy a wonderful holiday in your own recreational apartment!