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Beach Resorts Verkoop
group accommodation for sale

Investing in a luxury group accommodation

  • Group accommodations for up to 12 persons
  • By the IJsselmeer
  • For private use or (partial) letting

Luxurious group accommodation for sale

Take advantage of a unique investment opportunity in a beautiful group accommodation! At Beach Resorts Makkum, you can invest in a luxury group accommodation suitable for a maximum of 12 persons. Our holiday homes have a special location at the IJsselmeer in Friesland. This makes this location perfect to enjoy water sports. You can buy a group accommodation for your own use, to rent it out or a combination of the two. If you choose to rent it out, we will take care of it completely and you will receive a interesting return!

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Buy a group accommodation at the water

The exclusive group accommodations of Beach Resorts Makkum are located right at the IJsselmeer with its own boulevard and beach. The group homes are suitable for up to 12 persons and have 6 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The accommodations also have a fully equipped kitchen and a yard with a furnished patio. From your own group accommodation, you can easily reach the beach. Here, you or your tenants can get a breath of fresh air or relax. Buying a luxury group accommodation is a value-retaining investment!


Our group accommodation:

  • Suitable for a maximum of 12 persons
  • Stylishly and completely furnished
  • Located directly by the IJsselmeer
  • Spacious yard with patio

Your investment in a luxury group accommodation

The demand for domestic holidays is rising and with it the demand for group accommodations. When you invest in a group accommodation at Beach Resorts Makkum, you can use it for your own recreation, but you can also rent out your home. The letting, marketing and technical management are completely taken care of by our professional rental organization. The letting of your group accommodation provides a multi-year guaranteed return. You can also opt for a combination of own use and letting. With this option, you can enjoy your holiday at your home whenever you want and rent it out when you are not using it yourself. That is carefree enjoyment of a value–retaining investment!


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This is what interested parties asked:

• What are the advantages of investing in a group accommodation?

Investing in a luxury group accommodation has many advantages. There is a lot of demand for this, for example due to the increasing demand for holidays in our own country with the whole family or with a group of friends. This may result in a higher occupancy, allowing you to benefit from a good return. Moreover, at Beach Resorts, rental and maintenance are completely taken care of.

• What tax aspects are involved in purchasing my home?

If you want to buy a luxury group accommodation, a number of tax rules are involved. Which ones apply to you depends on your personal situation. Our professional advisers are happy to give you personal advice.