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Financing a recreation home

Financing your vacation home

  • Different financing possibilities
  • Benefit from a guaranteed net return
  • Stable investment

The financing of your recreation home

Are you looking for possibilities to finance a recreation home?  You are not the only one.  A vacation home is an expensive investment that often cannot be fully covered with private capital. In addition, banks and financial institutions apply specific conditions for the financing of a recreation home.  At Beach Resorts Vastgoed, we understand that you want to materialize your dream. That is why we have put together various financing possibilities for your recreation home. Would you like to discuss the possibilities sometime? Then feel free to make an appointment without obligation with our sales advisor.

Did you know that?  At Beach Resorts Vastgoed you can invest in a vacation home starting at €202,500 excluding VAT. Choose a luxurious apartment or a modern villa by the water. Our resorts are located in Makkum (Friesland) and Ursem (Noord-Holland). 


Financing possibilities recreation home:

Investing at Beach Resorts Vastgoed

Do you prefer a vacation home on the IJsselmeer at Beach Resorts Makkum or on the Ursemmerplas at Beach Resorts Noorderduyn?  If you decide to buy a vacation home from Beach Resorts Vastgoed, you can choose for personal use, to rent out, or a combination of both. If you opt for fully renting out, you will benefit from a guaranteed return for multiple years. Our reliable rental organization, with over 25 years of experience, takes care of renting out, management, and maintenance of your vacation home. 


A mortgage on your vacation home

One of the most common ways to finance a recreation home is through a mortgage. However, a mortgage for a vacation home has different conditions than for a regular home. For this reason, not all lenders offer mortgage options and it is, therefore, wise to do thorough research on this. Some lenders are open to financing a recreation home but usually cover only 60% to 70% of the value, which means that normally private equity is required. This can also be solved by using the surplus value of your current home. 

Using the surplus value of your first home

Another financing possibility for a vacation home is to utilize the equity in your primary home. This way you increase your existing mortgage by the amount of surplus value that you have. You can then use this capital to purchase your recreation home. The possibilities for this must be assessed by the mortgage provider. 

Using private equity

As already mentioned, lenders in many cases require buyers to finance a percentage of the purchase price with private equity. If you have sufficient private equity, it is good to take this into account also. By financing (part of) the purchase price yourself, the required loan amounts can be significantly reduced so you may be able to obtain more favorable terms

Beach Resorts Vastgoed:

    Luxurious apartments and nice villas
    Resorts that are located right by the water
    Guaranteed net return
    Professional in-house rental agency
    Sustainable vacation homes

Taking out a personal loan

Another way to finance your vacation home is to take out a personal loan. This form of borrowing often has a shorter duration and fixed monthly payments. So if you do not want to take out a mortgage loan, this is also a possibility to take into account. A personal loan offers flexibility and simplicity in the loan process. You also do not have to provide collateral. 

A loan from your private company (BV)

If you have your own company, it is also possible to finance your vacation home by borrowing money from your private company. As a private person, you then borrow money from your own private company to be able to (partially) pay for the recreation home. Financing your vacation home this way can provide you with various (fiscal) benefits. Contact us for more information. 

How am I going to finance my vacation home?

When considering financing for your vacation home, it is important to seek advice from a financial advisor and to compare the different options. Every type of financing namely has advantages and disadvantages. And it also depends on your financial situation and personal preferences.  Our sales advisor will be happy to provide you with advice without obligation. With the right financing, you can soon enjoy your own vacation home at Beach Resort Vastgoed!


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